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Korea's Deep Deep Secret To Youthful Skin

Korea's Deep Deep Secret To Youthful Skin

It was about a few decades ago, a skincare enthusiast noticed that master of traditional alcoholic beverage maker had the most beautiful, porcelain baby-skin soft hands. It didn't take long for him to find out that the secret resided in the natural science of malted rice/wheat making.

He had realized that the master was about 70 years old but her hands were wrinkle-free, soft like baby hands. The secret was in the healthy microorganism house - Nooruk which promotes healthy gut microorganism-flora and promotes cell-renewal.

To be able to make Korean traditional drink Soju or Makgulri, you must first understand the process called 'Nooruk-making'. As we previously wrote about the traditional nooruk-making, it is rather a very precise germinating process that promotes certain grain of choice to turn as the "fermentation" bait. Once healthy "nooruk" has formed, you can safely proceed to the next step which is fermenting of the traditional drinks. 

Some master makers of traditional alcoholic beverages actually store these nooruks in their sacred room preserved to only the authorized persons to make sure the secret 'germs' inherited generations after generations do not get exposed or stolen. 

A healthy nooruk makes the best flavoring traditional alcoholic beverages and hence its healthy microorganism is not only great for our guts but also wonderful age-withstanding formula.

Our 'Deep. Deep. Cleanse Facial Mud Mask' contains equal amounts of 100% Korean Nooruk, Charcoal and the Mud from Dead Sea. We chose our Nooruk from a trusting Korean health distributor and its made from Natural Artesian Water found under 100 meter deep from ground. >> Shop Now!

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