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Welcome to Cool Wellness Wholesale!

We offer great bulk order deals for retailers and limited private labeling. Please read below thoroughly and let us know if you want to discuss further details. We currently offer 3 items for wholesale which are our best sellers at the moment. We are considering other items for wholesale in the future so stay tuned! 

Korean Herbal infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soaps

  • Our soap making starts from premium quality ingredients. While we will not be sharing the recipes and our supply chain, we can definitely share the full ingredient list. 
  • The extra virgin olive oil we use to make all our soaps is from a trusted US supplier, and we are only using NAOOA(North American Olive Oil Association) certified cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil which ensures the incomparable quality of soap you can ever find on the current market.
  • The herbal extract we use is from South Korea and all are medicinal and food grade, certified by the Korean Herbal Medicine Association through a licensed and permitted herbal supplement vendor in the state of California.
  • We do not shave/carve our soaps to shape our soap or spray with alcohol to remove the soda ash (soda ash is 100% cosmetic and not harmful, washes off 1st contact with water immediately). We believe that the way soaps are made should be 100% natural, our soap is 100% manufactured by hand, no two soaps will look identical. There will be slight weight differences due to the nature of water weight but we make sure to label the soap with minimum weight (all soaps weigh more than labeled weight).
  • Our soap is very delicate to any outer force. Please handle them with care. As we make every soap by hand, we always make sure no soap is damaged or dented before packaging and shipping. We cannot replace any item claimed for damage after we ship out. Also we cannot replace/exchange any soap that had been misplaced/mishandled during storage - soaps are packaged in dry tissue paper or hanji as breathable material keeps soap fresh while being stored. Please keep soap in a dry, well ventilated area avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Our soaps are non-expirable if stored correctly, however, 2 year is the recommended sell by.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) : 50 pieces

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