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Thursday Healthy Recipe | Zing Booster Korean Chicken Soup

Thursday Healthy Recipe | Zing Booster Korean Chicken Soup

Are you tired? Are you exhausted from all the work this week? Are you looking for some good soup for this weekend along with some soothing aromatic bath?

Hey! we got you here a Zing Boosting Korean Chicken Soup made with Hwang-gi, Korean astragalus. 

In our last skincare blog post : Korean Astragalus : Aged Astragalus is better than Gin Seng! we shared the benefits of Astragalus in human health and wellness. Also we talked about how it can be used more effectively than gin seng to boost your stamina and energy.

If you are someone like me, So-eum-in, a type of human kind categorized in Korean medicine practice, who has smaller figure, weak shoulders, legs are stronger than your upper body, has prolonged digestive problems, hardly sweat and also have elevated sense of noticing small details, you may consider eating more chicken than red meat (avoid pork). This recipe is particularly good for those of you.

Without further delay, here is how to make Zing Booster Korean Chicken Soup!

Korean astragalus chicken soup


1 whole chicken

10 pieces of dried Korean Jujube

20g Hwang-gi Korean Astragalus

1 onion

15 peeled garlic 


  1. Clean the chicken with a handful of sea salt rubbing on skin under running cold water. (clean all the insides out)
  2. In a large pot, place the chicken and all the ingredients together, fill water up to covering the chicken.
  3. Cover the pot. Heat until boil then reduce heat to low-med and let it cook for about 2 hours.
  4. Once it is done, strain out all the other ingredients and take out the chicken. 
  5. Place the chicken in a bowl, pour the soup over the chicken to serve.
  6. Serve it with dipping sauce or sea salt. (for dipping sauce recipe from our Korean Pancake recipe: Thursday Healthy Recipe | Let's have K-pizza for tonight!)

If you own a pressure cooker, you can also use the pressure cooker or slow cooker. 😉 Hit the H-mart to go find Korean Astragalus today! Remember, find Astragalus that is at least 3-years old to get the medicinal benefits, otherwise its no use!


Our 'Goodbye Trouble' Astragalus Facial Massaging soap is being released in 2-days! Stay tuned!


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