"Plants hear what you say around them and spread it through vibrations to the Universe."

Whiteheads? Blackheads?

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Fermented Herbal Remedies 🌿

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“I am different.”

My Cashmere Skin

“쫀득쫀득” Chonduk-Chonduk Rice Cake Moist Skin

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Facial Massage Soap

Enjoy and Love your Nightly Skincare Routine TONIGHT!

Free of Synthetic Oils, Dyes, Scents, Fragrances

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soaps!

Yes, natural skincare is possible! I am the living proof! -Bo Kim, LMT, Founder and Owner

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Complimentary Korean 뜸 Ddum (Moxa)

Come Join Us and Experience Korean Traditional Ddum Moxa In Person

May 7: 443 Elm St. Stamford, CT : B All About Your Body

May 15: 330 N Dunton Ave, East Patchogue, NY 11772 : Grass Is Greener Vegan Festival

June 2: 305 Ridgeway Rd, White Plains, NY : Private RSVP Event for 🐕 🐩 🐶

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guiding you to a complete life-changing makeover: using a variety of healing techniques; moxa, cupping, acupressure massage, oil massage, dry scrub massage, crystal facial massage, abdominal massage, assisted stretching, meditation, magnetic therapy, herbal tea detox, herbal bath detox and etc.

Holistic Wellness

Face + Body + Hair + Intimacy + Spirituality

Ancient Koreans believed that our soul connected with our mind the best when we take good care of our overall physical body. Using herbs like ‘mugwort’ that cleanses energy and fill our body with good spiritual healing properties, we can achieve good skin, good body and organ health. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about “Selfcare, Holistic Skincare and funny jokes.” Be cool. Always. With yourself.

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Founder & Owner

Bo Kim, Licensed Massage Therapist

Hi! I am the founder and owner of Cool Wellness. Through my own journey of life I learned that the healing power resides within us. “Hey, You! You are the healer of your Universe.” Open your mind and connect with the universe. May you find peace from the positive energy I transmute to you through my work. Yours truly, Best Regards Ever.

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Cool Wellness The Zing complexion boosting facial massaging soap

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Skincare?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from pure, cold-pressed olives whereas regular Olive Oil is a blend of both cold-processed and processed oil.

It is a natural olive oil that has acidity, below 0.8 grams per 100 grams and no sensory defects. High in oleic acid.

Simply put, The highest quality of Olive Oil.

Cool Wellness Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skincare Products

Need an extra TLC for your skin?

Ingredients are the most important part of choosing the right skincare products.

We choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil because essentially it is fruit juice mechanically crushed from the fruits within 1-6 hours of harvesting.

Which means, it retains the most natural, beneficial antioxidants and vitamins.

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Cool, Simple, Clean Skincare

All you need is a good soap and oil.

Our Mission

How to get the best out of K-Witch Yu유 oils

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Cool, Simple, Clean Skincare Move

South Korean Profound Herbal Skincare for All

“Each facial soap is made with mugwort exact...my alternative make-up remover.” - nycfoodiegirl (Jodie, BSN, RN, Blogger)

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Natural Aroma of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Botanical Herbs

”Building my profound skincare routine was the most important success in my selfcare journey.” - Bo Kim, Founder

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Restorative Skincare

"Super gentle and non irritating- even takes off a full face of makeup!" - elena.m.music (Elena M. Singer/Pop Artist)

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So feel proud while using it.

We want to create a community that values the Sustainability of the global beauty industry. Skincare made with simple, vegan, plant-based ingredients packaged in Biodegradable, Earth-friendly materials.

Cool Wellness Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skincare Products
Cool Wellness Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skincare Products

Sensual Seduction at a few drops. For the most private skin of your body.

Libido Kickin’ K-Witch Yu유 Gojiberries + Chrysanthemum

Seductive Attraction. Mouthwatering herbal aroma. Antioxidant-rich. Smell good. Feel good. Enjoy.

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