"Plants hear what you say around them and spread it through vibrations to the Universe."

We wanted to make your Wellness journey ‘Cool’.

 Created by Bo Kim, LMT 

  • Cool, Simple, Clean Skincare Products 
  • Certified Korean medicinal grade herbal tea blends based in Traditional Korean Han-bang therapy 
  • In-Home and remote healing services: massage therapy, singing bowl healing, crystal facial massage, lymph drainage, post-operation massage, etc. Contact us to Book your sessions today. 
  • Reincarnation Therapy
  • Dream interpretation 
  • In-studio services coming soon

 Korean Traditional Herbal Skincare?

Ingredients First then Soap and Oil. That's all we need in our skincare.

We are a community of people who believe in the simplest skincare possible. It is quite hard to find the simplest ingredients that were certified and regulated by the 'real' people.

We purchase our ingredients from certified and verified suppliers who also believe in the same values as we practice.

Cool Wellness Carefully chooses the skincare product ingredients from trusted suppliers

Packaging is important in all beauty and being aesthetic is our agenda too.

When we create our packaging and shipping boxes, we also consider the longevity of our product in the bottle or wrapper, however, we also deeply consider the recyclability, sustainability of the materials. Using less Waterproof labels is our agenda. That’s why we choose to use reusable glass bottles, recycled/repurposed containers, thermal labels and hanji mulberry papersTo us, making it look simple using the simplest materials is as important as manufacturing simple products with the simplest ingredients. We are hoping to do our deeds on being Earth-friendly here!


We are based in ‘Korean’ traditional herbalism.

Korean herbalism is as old as 5000+ years since their folktales mythology 단군신화 “Bear and Tiger” story; The very first woman of Korea was a bear who consumed a lot of ‘mugwort(쑥)’ and garlic to become a human female. (Fun fact indeed, you can see how old mugwort has been there for Koreans which is one of our signature ingredients) Not only the oriental medicine practitioners use various herbs to naturally fight against diseases and improve health of their patients but also the general Korean population are naturally educated on how to practically use and incorporate herbs in their everyday lives. We want to introduce that heritage and share that with the world. 

Han-bang skincare is skincare made with traditional methodology of Korean Herbal Medicine derived and practiced from more than 5000+ years ago as mentioned above. In South Korea, Herbal Medicine Medical doctors go through the same training if not more, than Western Medicine Medical doctors and are recognized and honored at the same level with Medical Doctors.

Why do we mainly use South Korean herbs? Because South Korea has the most strict standards by the government, public and private associations approving herbal products because the medical grade herbs are being used by Korean Herbal Medicine Medical Doctors to prescribe to treat patients with real diseases like cancers and diabetes.

We want you to know the truth in using the simplest ingredients to start building Profound skincare routine.  

The founder Bo Kim, a Korean immigrant in the US wanted to change the typical beauty standards and focus on the positive side of aging and different texture of skin complexion. After her longest fight with various skin problems such as adult acne, she decided that she took her own route of skincare: her Korean heritage of using traditional methodology working with herbs and extra virgin olive oil. The simplest, yet, the finest ingredients are all you need to transition into profound skincare routine. 

Also, she is a license massage therapist in the state of New Jersey and she has been working with different kinds of lotions, creams and oils. Finding out that Extra Virgin Olive Oil was the best, the most suitable kind of oil for human body after working with various clients with different skin conditions and texture, She started incorporating her Korean Traditional Herbalism knowledge with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil unlike regular olive oils, is a first-crop-cold-pressed juice of freshly harvested olives. It is the finest oil available on earth that has similar fatty acid chains as our sebum - the natural oil we produce. She believes that plant-based natural remedies of skincare will help our skin restore its natural skin immunity and water-oil balance which is suitable for everyday use. Find out more about Extra Virgin Olive Oil Skincare products Cool Wellness has to provide! Shop Now!

We believe in these 5 Steps for ‘Profound’ skincare routine.

  • Positive mindset

  • Soap made with quality oils

  • Moisturize with a few drops of quality oils

  • Drink quality water for hydration 

  • Practice selfcare massage for overall circulation : holistic skincare  

We are a cool community focusing on manufacturing the most simplest, yet the finest products with the freshest ingredients from ethical suppliers. Also, we do healing work carefully designed for individual’s needs. Mind, body and soul wellness journey starts at Cool Wellness. Welcome to our Cool Community!

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