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Korean Herbal Cocktail Recipe | đŸŒ·Mountain Apple San-Sa-Ju

Korean Herbal Cocktail Recipe | đŸŒ·Mountain Apple San-Sa-Ju

Have you heard of Hawthorn? We call that in Korean 'San-sa' which means mountain apple. It is a type of a rose tree fruit and in the western culture its also called 'May flower tree'. Not only this red fruit looks beautiful but also has wonderful power of bringing the baby-soft skin for us if consumed the right way. This mouth watering sour fruit help you digest, boost blood circulation and strengthens heart. It is rich in Vitamin B and C, also full of antioxidants.

Here today we will introduce you how to enjoy this beautiful fruit as a 'medicinal' cocktail.

Cool Wellness Herbal Cocktail Hawthorn


  • 600g San-sa (Hawthorn) - Youngwol, South Korea 
  • 1.8 Liter Soju/vodka (Must use Distilled kind) - 20% (30-40 proof)


  1. Wash dried San-sa thoroughly and drain water completely
  2. in a clean jar, fill up San-sa
  3. Fill the jar with Soju
  4. Seal (Use Air tight jar) and leave 6 month in a cool place.
  5. Drain the remainder and drink 1-2 shots before meal or before sleep.

 want to enjoy it faster? Send us an email and we will help you find the ready to drink Hawthorn cocktail. Also check out our Red Diamond ♊ Goji Berry facial mud for your weekend selfcare day 🙏💕

Have a wonderful weekend. 

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