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Complexion boosting abdominal massage

Complexion boosting abdominal massage

Touch your lower abdominal area right now, is it cold to touch? Do you sit on a desk all day? Do you want more fit and defined body shape? you need to watch this video.

According to traditional Korean medicine, there is an important belief that a woman's body should kept warm always. Especially the abdominal pelvic area. When your uterus has the beautiful blood flow, your body is happy, your mind will follow. Your relaxed muscles will accept more helpful oxygen and energy and breathe out the negative energy stuck in the area. And beautiful complexion of your skin will just automatically follow. You will have more energy, more focus, more libido, more confidence and more self love.

I have suffered irregular periods, depression, adult acne and anger. I was too sensitive and always nervous. My muscles were always tense, I had not been following my regular selfcare practice because I told myself I was too busy, I was too exhausted, I couldn't afford. All the excuses. I was sinking deeply into hating my life, hating my body shape, hating my sensitive mood swings..so and so.

Massage releases the tension in your body, muscles and brain. It gives you senses back to the areas you forgot to pay attention. It helps you focus on your breathing. It helps you notice the areas you may need more attention to. It helps you FEEL your own SELF.

When I started learning massage therapy, that was when I really started noticing how important it was to massage your own body. We all think of massage as something that we pay the money for and receive. After my shoulder injury as a massage therapist, I decided that I will incorporate selfcare massage techniques for myself. 

You are the owner of your body, your universe and ultimately if you know how to selfcare your body, you know how to love your body, you know where you need attention, instead of someone else telling you where your focus should be. 

Here I present you my abdominal massage technique that is very easy to follow however, very effective. You can use tools like crystals, tennis balls or if not, your fists.

Cool Wellness Abdominal Massage for Women

🌼Selfcare Abdominal Massage for Women

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