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Red Diamond - the story behind and giveaway entry!

Red Diamond - the story behind and giveaway entry!

If you are one of those people who fight with acne, dry patchy skin, white heads, dermatitis the case is usually, you have tried so many products, treatments and methods.

The key ingredients we suggest you to use if you want to take an herbal healing skincare route are: Chrysanthemum, goji berry and licorice.

licorice especially used in combination with chrysanthemum and goji berries, help with the detox process of our skin. It helps nursing the skin with vitamins and minerals.

traditional Korean handcrafted alcohol called Gugi Ju - a fermented wine made with Chungyang, South Korean local gugija goji berries, chrysanthemum and gamcho licorice - is considered 'a drink to unwind your aging backwards.

Let us share this short folktale of Chungyang, South Korea:

A courtier was passing by Chungyang town and saw a teenager hitting with a stick disciplining his old grandfather. He stopped the teenager and asked her what was happening?

"This is my baby son. He didn't listened to me to drink the gugi ju, so he aged faster than I did!" the teenager said. When asked about her age, she said "395 years old".

The courtier was delighted, asked for its recipe, made Gugi Ju according to its recipe, lived 300 more years.

This short folktale demonstrates how Korean ancestors considered Goji Berries as anti-aging gift from nature. The Gugi Ju is still one of the best selling herbal healing medicinal alcohol in South Korea.

Our recipe came from this healing herbal medicinal alcohol. Our ancestors' life-long artisanship resonates into this product. 

As we approach the new year of 2022, we would love to hear from you guys how you do your skincare as far as: preventive anti-aging care, acne treatment, what products were your holy found, what method and habits has changed your skincare journey. Share with us below the comment section and we will select 5 people to reward "Complimentary code" for our NEWEST launch "Red Diamond" Soothing Complexion Facial Mud.

some rules will apply,

-18 years or older

-US participants only

-shipping is not included. ($8.50)

-ends 01/31/22 11:59 PM

Here is the link to go check out the full details on this product.

Red Diamond 붉은 다이아

Good luck! and happy new year!


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  • This looks amazing! I’ve had quite the 1 1/2 yr journey discovering my skin changing/ no longer having the same needs as when I was younger. I have mild eczema, but youd never know because I always stay super moisturized. My face has been so dry lately and I finally found this product “Skin Food” which i apply after toning w/ witch hazel and using hyaluronic serum. The skin food is intensely moisturizing and effectively restored my complexion/ undereye darkness/ dry patches/ etc. it has sunflower oil, chamomile, pansy, beeswax in different forms, etc. I can’t wait to try one of your soaps! Right now I am using “Olay oil free gentle cleansing wash” for sensitive skin. It’s okay, but I need my soap to do more! I use African black soap bars in the summer but it’s been too drying for me lately. :)

    Elena Flores
  • The me-back soap has been a lifesaver! My skin has been so much better since I started using it. It is the best thing I ever bought. In the new year, I’d love to see an eye cream or something for dark circles.


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