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Cool Wellness

Advanced+ ‘The Zing’ Facial Soap | 4 oz net wt. / 110g

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Cool Wellness

Advanced+ ‘The Zing’ Facial Soap | 4 oz net wt. / 110g

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This product is 100% Handmade. Free of fragrances including essential oils 

  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Complexion Boosting Soap

4 oz Net wt. / 110g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil(TEMPLETON, CA - COOC Certified), Water, Lye,  Astragalus Root(Youngwol, South Korea) Extract, Houttuynia Cordata(Euisung, South Korea) Extract, Black Sesame (Indonesia, Certified Organic) Extract, Cinnamon (USA) Extract

Light deep woody Aroma from Astragalus. Naturally tinted colors from black sesame and Houttuynia Cordata. 

Direction |  Lather using Soap Whipper, Massage Face. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Warning | Avoid Contact with eyes. Patch test before use.  


Get your ‘Zing’ boost. Every Wash. 

"Black sesame + Hwang-gi the Korean Astragalus Root + Korean Rainbow Plant Houttuynia Cordata” 
Han-bang Skincare.
. . designed to find you the most beautiful complexion you deserve. Made with the finest ingredients. A research done by Korean Rural Development Administration showed Astragalus improved damaged skin from UVA.*

This soap is handmade with 100% Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oil sealed by COOC. 

Astragalus root has an excellent moisturizing effect as well as improving the appearance of fine lines. For South Korean Astragalus to have its effectiveness it must be harvested after 3 years since planted. We strictly chose the 3-year-harvested ones for this soap for the best results (each soap containing 14% of Hwangi Astragalus) Houttuynia Cordata has been remedied by many Koreans for helping soothe irritation and inflammation. Organic Black Sesame’s anthocyanins act as antioxidants. 
**Astragalus R&D: https://www.khidi.or.kr
***These statements were not evaluated by the Food and Drug administration and the product is not intended to cure any disease nor any skin condition.
****As the nature of these products are handmade and infused with dried herbal ingredients, herbal remainder may present; it’s 100% cosmetic and safe.The weight of these products can fluctuate depending on humidity. 

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