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Cool Wellness Cafe LLC recruiting ambassadors

Facing the anniversary, Cool Wellness™ is introducing,

Ambassador Program

Who can join? 
a customer who have purchased our products before.


What are the costs?



What do I have to do?

Refer 1 Friend each month and have him/her subscribe to our email Newsletters.


What are the benefits? (As long as you are signing up 1 referral per month, you will recipient the benefits)

•1 free 30-min therapy session with Bo + Free Sample each Month at visit : Services offered can be vary, remote customers can expect Virtual Zoom healing services (Massage, Moxa, Facial Massage, Contouring Massage, Cupping, Singing Bowl, Assisted Stretching, Meridian Massage and more)

• 50% off all your future purchases (Online & Offline)

• Cool Wellness™ Ceramic Mug Cup 

call 201-888-8654 to discuss further details. Please! We love hearing from you guys! If you feel shy, please email us : sales@coolwellnesscafe.com or you can use our “Chat” system to directly message us! We are 24/7 ready for your wellness inquries 😁