Fatty Fruits VS Slim Fruits

Fatty Fruits VS Slim Fruits

It is summer! the season of fruits 🍉 🍎 🍌 🍋 right? 

but are all fruits beneficial for us? Some are good sources of Vitamin A, C or K but some can contribute to your weight gain due to high calories. Here are some fruits that are fatty vs slim! 🥒🌿🍇🍒🍑🍊

Fatty Fruit #1 Grapes 🍇 

Grapes are one of the most fattiest fruits of all. One little grape berry can have 140-150 kcal. So if you are concerned of your sugar level or weight gain, it would be wise to avoid grapes at all cost ! 

Fatty Fruit #2 Watermelon 🍉 

Oh, please! Watermelons are our favorite summer fruits of all time. But it obviously has so much calories. 1 small cut palm size piece of watermelon has about 50 kcal. Definitely not a great choice to eat watermelons at night or in large amount at once. 

Fatty Fruit #3 Bananas 🍌 

This fruit is our best buddy of breaking fast and there was a reason why. It has 100-120 kcal per banana piece. So you may keep it at replacing your breakfast or lunch. 

👋 Other fruits high in calories are such as mango 🥭 , melon 🍈  and pineapple 🍍 : facts : tropical fruits are mostly high in calories 


Slim Fruit #1 Korean Melon 

You may have seen this delicious yellow skinned fruit at one of Asian markets near you. It’s called “Charm-wei” and its calorie is only 35 kcal per halves. If you remove the seeds, which is recommended, its even much lower in calories. It is also known to fight cancer - high in beta carotene, polyphenol and flavonoids like antioxidants. 

Slim Fruit #2 Grapefruit 

Grapefruits are great when paired with meats as it helps prevent unnecessary fats being absorbed in our digestive system. 1 whole fruit has only 100-120 kcal. Also, it is a great source of fiber which helps with bowel movement. 

Slim Fruit #3 Avocado 🥑 

We all know the benefits of avocado! Despite of 230-240 kcal per fruit, it works in our body as burning unnecessary fats. So it is definitely right to make yourself an avocado toast in the morning 😉🙏

We hope you enjoyed and learned something valuable. Leave us a comment which fruit is your favorite and let us know any other suggestions on healthy diets 🙏



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