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Cleared your Cystic acne but suffering from comedonal acne?

Cleared your Cystic acne but suffering from comedonal acne?

Cleared your Cystic acne but suffering from comedonal acne? Want to approach it more in a natural way?

Comedonal Acne is bumpy acne resembling skin's color, doesn't necessarily appear to be inflamed or red. It tempts you to just exfoliate it off your facial skin but please do not mechanically scrub your face or use harsh exfoliating agent to get a temporary result.

It can normally happen more on your forehead and chin area. It is more common with people with oily skin.

I have been working on improving the texture of my skin as a founder of Cool Wellness, simple, clean skincare company and made these approaches that helped me and are helping me.

I have combination skin. Dry areas next to the creases of my nose and smile lines. Sometimes underneath the inner corner of my eyes get very dry. So when I apply my extra virgin olive oil, I use it on those areas.

I have made some soaps using coconut oil but Extra virgin olive oil soaps worked the best in retaining natural moisture of my skin. By no means, please, do not over-cleanse your skin when you have acne. I only wash my face at night after a long day with a facial soap then in the morning I only use lukewarm water to wash my face. Then pat dry with a dry towel.

Of Course, I get lazy sometimes and don't follow good diet routine and fall out of my practice but I try my best to praise myself for not having the guiltiness eat me up. Your mindset is the most important thing when you are going for natural healing method approach to your acne journey. I am so happy I got the cystic or pustules out of my way. One step at a time babes! We can all get the skin we desire only if we are patient.

Best regards ever,
Yours truly.

Bo Kim, Founder and Owner of Cool Wellness


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